BECOME A WARRIOR AT SELLING - The course, the book and the method

In Become a Warrior at Selling, Mr. Phillip J. Brand takes the audience on a journey of understanding deep interpersonal mechanisms of selling to ingrain the Warrior approach of structured values and principled integral behavior to acquire successful results as career sales professional. 

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Phillip travels extensively in his professional career life for speeches and symposiums as the CEO of Simal Consulting Inc. Phillip has built successful sales organizations coast to coast. Learn more in our about section. Interested in booking an engagement with Phillip for your top professionals in your business enterprise? Please visit our booking calendar to arrange for a communications session. 

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Phillip J. Brand is a true pillar of knowledge regarding the business finance sector. 

 - LION Business networking executive

Phillip Brand offered me honest business advice about how to best manage our employee benefit plan. This information proved invaluable. I would recommend Phillip Brand for valuable investment advisory and all knowledge of insured products for business and life. 

- Business owner, investor, and people economy provider.

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Phillip's ability to connect with a crowd, and communicate to inform with passion that supports the small business, B2B and B2C communities is exponential. With many years supporting a wide spectrum of industry professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Franchise Owners, Health Care Professionals, Travel Agents, Transporting Industry, Car Dealerships, Small Business Owners, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Colleges and University talks . Phillip delivers power of presentation skills with professional speech engagements, radio programming and local television. 

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Working on your own principled leadership techniques? Connect with Phillip to engage further on required consultancy. Phillip Brand is an outstanding business networker, successful sales professional, community member, Husband First and Father First and Mostly a loving Family man that operates successfully in the global marketplace to share acquired experience acumen through professional engagements and reading materials. Phillip's book on retirement growth options is available here.

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What's inside counts:

BECOME A WARRIOR AT SELLING - Book Phillip for a speaking engagement

It's what inside that counts. Integrity, Principle and Honour. We're leading today with an ethical approach to provide a truly practical approach to the sales process. Our main focus in Become a Warrior at Selling is on what to do and how to execute actionable and accountable methods based on principle that produce successful sales professional results. 

Their is a new order for today's methodology behind the science of selling, and the ability to be well versed in what is necessary to be successful in the modern or contemporary market – from simple computer literacy, including usage of the pocket PC  to market forces and trends. Today’s successful sales professional needs to demonstrates the Warrior's qualities of honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour. 

Our 360° approach in the book's goal is to ingrain a broad stroke of topics to evolve our reader and audience in a course-style applied structure to expand on  positive results in career approach, development and guidance for the individual to rest and ponder on this little point: being ethical is not only the right way to live but is the most practical way to live. True sales professionals don’t talk about ethics, they conduct business with the ethics to build out successful results upon an ethical foundation, of honesty and integrity. These pillars of value establish  integrity, principle and honour. People don't always do business with people they like, however, people do business with people they can trust. Read our book to learn more.   


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